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33% saving in water usage

The new Loo with The View.

This is a purchased "self built" compost toilet system, with solar lighting interior and exterior.

The Ledge with the Loo with The View.JPG

The Loo with The View.jpeg

If you dare, sit and read with The View.......!!

Reading in The Loo with The View.JPG

This is the loo with No View.

As you can see this is a converted horse-box, destined for the knackers yard but saved and given a new lease of life instead of a portaloo.

Loo with No View 'portaloo'.jpeg

The interior is simple but spacious......

Also solar light for the interior.

The loo with no view.jpeg

Interesting and yet quite functional as a portaloo.

Loo with No View.jpeg
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