About us

Camping on Maes Yr Eglwys Farm has been a feature on the farm since 1968. We have invited tourists to our campsite for 50 years, always keeping the cost down and being family orientated. Over the decades the site has evolved with the changing needs of small family groups, the National Park Adventurer as well as groups on Duke of Edinburgh Scheme.


Eco Camping Wales was started in 2002 on return from the USA. With the ethos of having a green campsite where we are all responsible for the use and treatment of the land. Our waste and water usage being to a minimum and processed on site.


All residents carefully removing their waste from the campsite and processing themselves either at home or recycling points. We have openly encouraged open fire cooking but only with raised fire pits or raised reusable BBQ's (see site rules).


NONE of our pitches are groomed, and follow the natural undulations of the countryside. This is in keeping with the natural, unspoilt nature of the whole site. NO Concrete pads, NO electrical hookups, NO WiFi, Hardly any phone reception, just you and your thoughts.... and breeeeeath... ;)

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